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Rocking the Great White North

7 years later…

Finding the remnants of this blog from my very young adult years is all kinds of hilarious and embarrassing. My writing was elementary at best, I was a crummy storyteller (still true), and the content was anything but insightful. I think I knew these things at the time, but I’m glad I persisted in creating the lamest time capsule possible from that year and some of half-baked thoughts and evolving opinions on exactly nothing important. I know, I know. That’s not totally fair. Those years are important for all of us. Whatever flavor of young and dumb we might have been, they helped bring us where we are today.

Since I hate fun and all, those old posts are now set to private so I can salvage some semblance of dignity in my digital past while also preserving a private cache of laughable logs from years ago. If you’re clever enough to have found this post, you’ve done your homework, and can request that I share some highlights from the archive. I reserve the right to most likely respond with “ehh, what the hell” and reveal the poorest of prose until you regret having asked in the first place.

I have no plans to continue updating this blog but I’ll leave the door open should there be a calling to write. Be well, Friends!


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