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It’s obviously an extremely important thing to have.  Who better to remind us of that than one of my favorite writers and skeptics, the Bad Astronomer, Phil Plait, who posted this the other day.  I love plugging fellow bloggers that I frequent so expect this sort of post semi-regularly.  I’ve seen videos like this on youtube before and though I actually couldn’t find my all time favorite, I think this one does the job fine.  Watch the video, pick up your jaw, wipe up the drool, and read up on some fascinating astronomy and skepticism.  Even better, find another area of interest on the Discover Magazine blog network and go nuts (might I also recommend Carl Zimmer of the Times).  Believe me, it’s better for you than Cosmo or Oprah.

If you have a moment to kill but can’t watch the video, here’s an interactive way of experiencing the same concept.  Big ups to Nikon.  This app kicks ass.

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