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This is sort more of a backup space for older entries. I’ve permanently moved over to

Welcome to the personal weblog of Brandon J. O’Connor.

Originally from the midwest, I spent the past year in Vancouver, British Columbia and it practically became home overnight. The people, the culture, the ocean, the city and the experiences have made it a place that I never hope to wander too far from. For now I happily reside in Seattle, Washington, biking, beaching and hunting for a workplace in between.

What has this space become since my departure? I guess that’s still less than defined. My writings are constantly evolving, just as I change personally. Expect to see updates about where my bicycle has taken me and what I’ve been up to, but also commentary on current events, the occasional technical rambling and probably some cultural observations.

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The views expressed here are solely those of the creator and do not in any way represent the organizations with which he affiliates. Brandon reserves the right to moderate comments deemed unacceptable by Wil Wheaton’s fundamental rule: don’t be a dick. All content on this site is under a creative commons attribution-share alike license. This means you are free to use or remix anything you see here in any way you see fit so long as credit is attributed to the author and derivative work is also under a compatible license. Share it in your classroom. Make ASCII art of some photos. Pick out sentences that make haikus. Whatever floats your boat. The sky’s the limit so long as you follow a few simple rules. Short version here. Fine print here.

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