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It’s practically criminal that so many folks don’t know just how easy it is to keep up with a blog, news or otherwise dynamic site in our current web era. I’d say about 3/4 of my peers know what I’m talking about when I drop the acronym RSS. A generation older brings this stat down to about 1/2. Let’s take this prime moment to educate! 🙂

With the new site I’ve tried to make it as easy as possible to follow however works best for you. A tweet is automatically sent when a new post appears. This will certainly zing me at some point when my lackluster editing becomes especially apparent. Likewise, I’ve recently added the ability to subscribe via email. For good measure, I push posts to facebook, so you’ll probably see it pop up there too. It’s almost more difficult to not follow the blog at this point!

Of course the easiest way to follow is through the RSS feed. Curious about this ‘RSS thing’ the kids on your lawn keep shouting about? The video below explains the hubbub and gets you started. My only amendment? You don’t need an RSS reader other than the web browser you’re using right now. You’re almost certainly using Firefox or Internet Explorer which both have live bookmark capabilities. The little orange box is your best buddy.


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