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More often than not, the things I write about are in some way inspired by various sources on the interwebs. This is my short list of must-read blogs and the most current xml file of all my feeds. In the blogosphere we call this a blogroll, if only a partial one. If I know you personally and you also have a blog, don’t be astonished to learn that I follow your stuff. I’ll more than likely link to you at some point anyway. It’s important to keep up with peers, especially those who care to express themselves aloud in this format. Regardless of how well it’s written or the content you cover, it’s fun to read the words coming from the dome of someone you know on some level personally.

An audio/video podcast worth a peek: Unstructured discussions with two experts, journalists, bloggers, and generally very smart people covering the entire political spectrum, current events, the sciences, philosophy and everything else.

TED talks are, for the most part, very outstanding presentations from progressive thinkers and innovators.

Curious about Linux or Ubuntu and its community but want to read about it in plain English? Martin Owens, Jono Bacon, Jorge Castro, or Steven Harms are a good place to start.

Dinosaur comics are pretty much my favorite thing in life. Basic instructions teaches us only the most important lessons for being an upstanding person.

A story teller of epic proportions at Violent Acres.

Plenty of rational people scratching their chins at Skepticblog. Greg Laden lives in the Minneapolis area and blogs about evolution, culture, technology, Linux, ect. Basically all the things I try to write about, only a lot better.

This short list not enough for you? Right click and save my xml file containing every last feed I follow as of August 1, 2010. Import that guy into your feed reader and enjoy!


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